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Frank Lucas, the drug kingpin who inspired ‘American Gangster, is dead

Warren, nicknamed the Cocky Watchman for his chutzpah and erstwhile talent for sniffing out surveillance, has not been idle during his latest spell of incarceration. The Toxeth-born former bouncer has kept himself busy bringing and losing numerous legal challenges and appeals — over the mysterious removal of a juror from his trial nobbled by the police, said Warren, while the prosecution accused him of doing the nobbling , and various alleged abuses of process. And, according to prosecutors, possibly arranging yet more drug deals from seven illegal mobiles smuggled in to his jail cell.

They believe analysis of cell-site data can prove he made 34, calls to prime drug-producing nations, including Iran, Morocco, Ghana, Thailand, and various countries in South and Central America. Despite being renowned for having a photographic memory, Warren claims he can't remember how many convictions he has had, dating back to his early teens.

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But he seems proud to recall that in hundreds of police interviews over odd years, he has always answered "no comment". He claims to have had nothing to do with a bestselling biography, Cocky , which documented his rise and fall. And he has never stepped into the witness box in any of his trials either. But his Jersey barrister, Stephen Baker, said he first wanted assurance from the UK attorney general, Dominic Grieve, that anything he said under oath would not be used to prosecute him for any crimes on the mainland.

Grieve gave him short shrift, and Warren asserted his right to stay silent once more. He has never given an interview to a journalist either.

New Jersey Police Chief Arrested On Drug Charges

Yet suddenly, back in June, I heard he wanted to talk. I received a letter, written in capitals, in which he said he was going to take the governor of La Moye to court unless I was allowed to visit. He had the relevant case law at hand. The way Warren sees it, if alleged terrorists are allowed to speak to the media, alleged drug dealers should be too.

He won the argument and within a week I was on a plane to Jersey to meet Interpol's former target one himself. Warren might have been in jail for most of the past two decades, but his legend lives on. You can still buy T-shirts printed with his face in Liverpool — an old mugshot from the days he had eyebrows like black caterpillers and a face bloated from all the steroids he used to take. There are some young pretenders — such as the scouse rapper on YouTube proclaiming himself the new Curtis Warren also now detained at her majesty's pleasure, according to his Twitter feed.

But the authorities still believe he is a dangerous man — last month, after Warren accepted a Serious Crime Prevention Order SCPO at the high court , the outgoing director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, said there were "very real grounds to believe that without this order being made, Curtis Warren would continue to be involved in serious crime". These days Warren is in good shape — 5ft 9in, clear-eyed, his light brown skin peppered with freckles. He speaks softly, rarely raising his voice. He is polite but demanding, asking the guards to bring more cups for the water cooler and kicking up a fuss when it emerges my files on his case have been confiscated at reception.

Anthony Barraclough, Warren's UK barrister, says his client is popular in prison because he, in effect, polices the corridors, cutting out bullying and drug use. So he is anti-drugs, I ask, surprised. Bloody hell, I've never had a cigarette in my life, or a drink.

American Gangster True Story - The real Frank Lucas, Richie Roberts

I've never tasted alcohol or anything. No interest. His objection to drugs is, he says, what it can do to young kids. Wouldn't decriminalisation solve the problem of kids robbing in order to score? He is not sure. Because it would put his mates out of business? Warren hates the government and the police. When he gets out he wants to go abroad — something the SCPO will severely restrict.

And never come back.

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There are plenty of people in Britain with grudges against Warren, who is suspected of involvement in a number of gangland murders. Asked whether he thinks there is a bounty on his head, he immediately says yes: "From the police. He looks incredulous when I say that people will be frightened of him as a result.

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So if I'm attacked in the jail by a guy who has killed 16 or 17 people and he ends up dead in that attack, not by stabbing him or hitting him on the head with a hammer or cutting his throat, but basically a fight gone wrong, then I'm dangerous? That can happen to anybody. It happens with boxers in the ring. He adds: "I can't help what people think about me. His wife and kids might be hungry, and he'll never touch your stuff until he checks with you. City boys ain't like that. A city boy will take your last dime, look you in the face, and swear he ain't got it.

You don't want a city boy -- the sonofabitch is just no good. At the end of the movie American Gangster , Denzel Washington's character tells Richie Roberts Russell Crowe about how when he was a 6-year-old boy, he watched his year-old cousin get shot in the mouth by the police, who had tied him to a pole.

The true story behind this incident involved members of the Ku Klux Klan, not the police.

Frank said that the Klan came to his house, which was located in the back woods near La Grange, North Carolina. They accused his brother of eyeballing a white girl, who was walking down the street. Then they shoved a shotgun in Obadiah's mouth and pulled the trigger. Frank admits that the filmmakers were wrong about his wife, Julie Lucas, being a former Miss Puerto Rico, "She was some kind of homecoming queen, but I don't know about [being Miss Puerto Rico]. No doubt about it, she was a pretty girl" MTV. Further research confirmed that Frank's wife's maiden name, Julie Farrait, does not appear on the Miss Puerto Rico winners list. Frank met Julie while on a trip to Puerto Rico, where he would isolate himself to brainstorm his "business" ideas New York Magazine. Frank's original account of the incident was similar, except that his brothers weren't watching like they are in the movie, and he didn't return to eat with them within a stones throw of the murder scene.

In real life, the gangster's name was Tango, a pound bald-headed character who was quick on his feet. Tango cursed at Frank.

Unlike in the movie, Tango "broke" for Frank, prompting Frank to shoot him four times. The whole sh t blowed out back there That was my real initiation fee into taking over completely down here. Not just in Harlem but in the world. He was never charged The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Not exactly. The movie asserts that Frank Lucas' heroin, Blue Magic, was percent pure. In reality, it was 98 percent pure when it arrived from Southeast Asia. Frank then cut it with "60 percent mannite and 40 percent quinine.

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However, this was much better than the rival "brands," which were lucky to be at 5 percent purity New York Magazine. Addicts who were used to heroin that was only 1 to 3 percent pure often wound up dead after using Frank Lucas' Blue Magic, which was much stronger.

Frank had to cut down a little bit on the quality in order to keep his customers alive BET, American Gangster series. According to heroin dealer Frank Lucas, he employed 10 to 12 women who were naked, except for surgical masks. A petite, ruby-haired woman nicknamed Red Top was in charge.

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The real detective Richie Roberts now an attorney told the New York Post , "The parts in the movie that depict Frank as a family man are ludicrous. They did it for dramatic purposes, you know, to make him look good and me look bad. Although she is not included in the movie, Frank and his wife Julie Lucas had a daughter, Francine, who was 3-years-old at the time of the raid on her family's Teaneck, New Jersey home.

The raid ended with both of her parents being arrested. Her mother spent six months in jail for throwing suitcases filled with tens of thousands of dollars out the bathroom window during the raid. She also stuffed money into her daughter Francine's pants in an attempt to hide it. Francine was raised by her mother and her mother's parents in Puerto Rico until the age of nine. It was then that her father was released from prison and the family returned to New Jersey to live with Frank's parents.

Frank started dealing again.

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Convicted drug dealer Curtis Warren is given 28 days to pay £m or face a further 10 years in jail. Warren is serving his sentence in the UK but was in Jersey for a Police believe that he continued to run his business from his prison Three weeks after his early release in , undercover officers. Drugs baron Curtis Warren was convicted of trying to smuggle £1 million Just weeks before the Jersey plot began in May , Warren was released from by the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Jersey Police. the " many, many" millions of pounds he has made from drug dealing.

View a picture of Frank Lucas with baby Francine and wife Julie Several months after her father was released, Francine found herself on a trip to Las Vegas with her mother. Unbeknownst to Francine, her mother Julie was there to help with a drug deal.