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Island County unveils new wetlands regulations

A series of public workshops on the new wetlands rules will also be held this month and next. County officials said property owners should bring their property tax parcel number if they want to meet individually with a county planner to learn how the new regulations may affect their land. The schedule is: Monday, May 21 6 to 8 p. Camano Dr.

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The county planning commission is expected to review the rules in September and November, with the new regulations eventually going before the county commissioners for approval. Information on the new rules, including the draft ordinance and studies conducted in support of the regulations, can be found online at www. Previous Mom times 9 Next War lyrics at student talent show angers parents More in News Langley water bond, new faces ahead in ballot count There will likely be new faces on the Langley City Council and… Continue reading. Following Halloween, the faces of jack-o-lanterns droop forlornly as their flesh turns… Continue reading.

The cost of getting a septic tank pumped on Whidbey Island may… Continue reading. The race for the next Island County commissioner to represent southern… Continue reading. The following items were selected from reports made to the Island County… Continue reading. Island County is one of… Continue reading. As part of an ongoing effort to change its culture, WhidbeyHealth is… Continue reading.

The cost of getting a septic tank pumped on Whidbey Island may…. The following items were selected from reports made to the Island County….

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As part of an ongoing effort to change its culture, WhidbeyHealth is…. There will likely be new faces on the Langley City Council and….

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The race for the next Island County commissioner to represent southern…. Following Halloween, the faces of jack-o-lanterns droop forlornly as their flesh turns…. Previous Mom times 9.

During such period, the conditions of approval, if any, must be fulfilled and required improvements completed. Upon written request, filed within 12 months and upon good cause shown, the planning officer may grant one additional month time period. When the applicant has prepared the materials necessary to comply with the requirements for final approval as set forth in this chapter, and the conditions as specified in the approved preliminary short subdivision, an application for final approval can be submitted to the city for processing.

The procedures for review of final short subdivision applications and the time limitations shall be the same as those specified in Sections The planning officer, in making a decision on the application, shall be guided by the standards provided in this chapter and shall make the following findings:. The preliminary short subdivision makes adequate provision for development of the subject property in a manner consistent with the State Growth Management Act designation of the city as an urban growth area, including the clustering of lots.

Lots may be reduced in size below the minimum for the zoning district as long as the total number of lots in the short plat does not exceed the number allowed by the zoning district. The preliminary short subdivision makes adequate provisions for open space, drainage ways, streets and other public ways, water supply, and sanitary wastes, and pedestrian circulation in order to, among other things, assure safe walking conditions for students who walk to and from school. The preliminary short subdivision or development is beneficial to the public health, safety, and welfare and is in the public interest.

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The preliminary short subdivision or development does not lower the level of service of transportation below the minimum standards adopted within the comprehensive plan, unless improvements or strategies to raise the level of service above the minimum standards are made concurrent with the development. Survey Standards. A boundary survey, conducted by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor, shall be made of all short plats submitted for final approval and recording.

Island County Property Tax Calculator

Parcel Search. We are pleased to give you online access to Island County's property tax and valuation database. While we make every effort to produce and . Property Search Options. Select a search type, then enter one or more search terms. Click "Advanced" for more search options. To search for sales or by the map.

The surveyor shall certify on the short plat that it is a true and correct representation of the lands actually surveyed. All surveys shall conform to standard practices and principles for land surveying. All permanent monuments within the short subdivision shall be located and described. All permanent monuments and markers shall be shown on the face of the short plat. The responsibility for providing the property improvements water, sewage, streets, drainage, etc.

Latecomer agreements may be appropriate where other properties are benefited from the improvements. Diversity and originality in layout shall be encouraged to achieve the best possible relationship between development and conservation areas. Accordingly, the planning officer shall evaluate proposals to determine whether the proposed conceptual preliminary plat:.

Protects and preserves all floodplains, wetlands, and steep slopes from clearing, grading, filling, or construction except as may be approved by the city for essential infrastructure or active or passive recreation amenities and maintains or creates an upland buffer of natural native species vegetation adjacent to wetlands and surface waters, including creeks, streams, springs, lakes and ponds reference: Chapter Protects rural roadside character and improves public safety and vehicular carrying capacity by avoiding development fronting onto existing public roads and establishes buffer zones along public roads by maintaining existing screening vegetation or by establishing a planting screen consisting of a variety of indigenous native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

Minimizes impacts on large woodlands, especially those containing mature trees, significant wildlife habitat and those with highly erodible soils with slopes greater than 15 percent. Landscapes common areas, cul-de-sac islands, and both sides of new streets with native species shade trees and flowering shrubs with high wildlife conservation value.

Includes a pedestrian circulation system designed to assure that pedestrians can walk safely and easily on the site, between properties, public facilities, and activities or special features within the neighborhood open space system. All roadside footpaths would connect with off-road trails, which, in turn, should link with existing or potential open space on adjoining parcels, where applicable.

Provides open space that is reasonably contiguous. For example, fragmentation of open space should be minimized so that resource areas are not divided into numerous small parcels located in various parts of the development. Long thin strips of conservation land shall be avoided, unless the conservation feature is linear or unless such configuration is necessary to connect with other streams or trails.

The open space shall generally abut existing or potential open space land on adjacent parcels, and shall be designed as part of larger contiguous and integrated greenway systems. No short subdivision shall be approved unless adequate provision is made for such drainage ways, streets, and other general purposes as may be required to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

Recorder Offices

Provisions for such uses may be made by dedicating land for public use, by reserving land for future public acquisition and development, or by conveying land or easements therein to nonprofit corporations for use by all or a limited segment of the public. All dedications and reservations shall be recited on the face of the short plat as well as incorporated in such documents as may be needed to reflect the assignment of interest.

Lands shall be deeded to the public by quitclaim deed. Refusal of the city council to accept a dedication shall not be grounds for disapproval of the short plat submitted for final approval and recording by the planning official, unless the subdivider will not otherwise provide required dedication or reservation. A copy of the recorded mylar and two paper copies shall be delivered to the city. In the enforcement of this chapter, the city attorney may petition the superior court for injunctive relief.

An assurance of discontinuance may be accepted by the city attorney of any act or practice deemed in violation of this act from any person engaging in or who had engaged in such acts or practices. Any such assurance shall be in writing, and shall be filed subject to approval of the Island County superior court. The violation of such assurance shall constitute prima facie proof of a violation of this chapter. Violation of or failure to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to a civil penalty as set forth in Chapter 1.

When violations are of a continuing nature, the penalty shall increase each day of the violation as set forth in Section 1. Chapter The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to: 1. Any cemetery or burial plot, while used for that purpose; 2.

Restricted Sharing

Any division made by testamentary provision or the laws of descent; 4. Any division of land into lots or tracts for which a residential condominium and commercial binding site plan has been recorded in accordance with the provisions of the Langley Municipal Code; 5.

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See Washington Naturalization and Citizenship for more information. Ordinances adopted after that date which have not yet been codified are also provided. The Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation was to be consulted to assure compliance with outdoor recreation policies. Click for more census tips. You can review and enforce your personal information rights through your Job Seeker account, communications you receive from us, or with the assistance of our support team. Design Commission. Navy would keep the trust board informed on its activities in the outlying field OLF at Smith Prairie, and assist with interpretation of its activities.

A division for the purpose of lease when no residential structures other than manufactured homes are permitted to be placed upon the land and for which a binding site plan for use of the land as a manufactured home park has been approved in accordance with the provisions of this code; 6. Boundary line adjustments between adjoining and touching parcels, where no lot is created, will be issued a certification of approval by the mayor upon finding by the planning officer that: 1.

There is compliance with city plans, zoning, health, building, and similar regulations; 2. The original and six copies of the final short plat map shall be drawn on reproducible mylar capable of reproduction, 18 inches by 24 inches in size and bearing the following information: 1. The legal description of the land contained in the short subdivision and of the contiguous parcel from which the short subdivision is to be segregated; 2.

The boundary lines of the short subdivision and of the lots within it, showing the full extent of the parcel from which the short subdivision is to be segregated; 3. The length and bearing of short subdivision boundary lines; 4. The location of monuments or evidence used as ties to establish the short subdivision boundaries; 5.

The location of all existing improvements and major natural topographic features within the short subdivision; 7. The boundaries and locations of all parcels dedicated to the public or reserved for community use; 9. The city-assigned plat number; Plat approval date line; Approval block with mayor and city planning official signature lines and a line for the city clerk-treasurer to attest to the signatures of the city officials; and The following certificates and declarations: a.

Surveyor Certificate.

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