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Sprint SERO-Premium Plan $50 Per Month for Any iPhone or Android Phones

Call them and ask if the company you work for is eligible. Dec 27, AM.

As my post stated, Im on disabilty currently and not working so I dont qualify for any employer discount beause I dont have an employer. Sprint has an employee referral program. You provide them with the email address and employee ID of a Sprint employee and you qualify for a special plan and discount that is not available to the general public.

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I was wondering if ATT or Verizon had similar programs. Financially, the Sprint deal is the best but I am concerned about a lot of reports of poor data network performance that makes the iphone unusable Dec 27, PM in response to sajam In response to sajam. Dec 27, PM. Well they dont tell you. Thats the point. They dont want everyone to know about discounts because everyone would use the discounted program and not pay the full retail.

I know about Sprint because its posted all over the web. Im just scared of Sprint because of all the negative reviews. I cant believe Apple would have approved the iphone on a carrier that is obviously having massive data network problems based on all the complaints Ive been reading on Sprint Forums.

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I am trying to get on a SERO plan. Sprint Employee Email Address: russ.s. [email protected] Last 3 Digits of Employee ID (CID): Is there a sprint employee that can give me their last four digits of their employee ID and email so I can log in to the Sprint Sero web-site and get me a phone. i thought they were getting rid of the sero plan all together. If I am taking Everything Plus Referral Program (Formerly.

My experience with Verizon has been that they will tell you what discounts are available if you ask. Remember Me? Page 4 of 5 First Advanced Search. Originally Posted by rainless.


Yes I know. Which is why I'm wondering how his plan of ordering a sprint phone A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Reply With Quote. I have had it for close to a year now.

follow url Although my Q is getting a little long in the tooth I am still very happy. One downside is other than you original phone they won't subsidise future phones. IM me!

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I want to help the OC community! MainComputer : E 2. You can order a free phone. MY phone was free. Then you can go ahead and sell it. I don't see how your Nextel phones would work though If you're wrong "hypothetically speaking As far as the phones being pre-activated Last edited by chrome; at PM. My System: Intel Xeon x 4. Originally Posted by Xenocide. Oh, sorry I can't read. Of course that won't work.

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They are completely different plans, A nextel sero plan is completely different than a sprint plan. They use different systems. The only thing that sprint and nextel share right now is a billing system. The companies never really merged.

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Originally Posted by chrome Last edited by rainless; at PM. Core 4 Q mhz 1. The plan has changed several times and at one time both the unlimited roaming and text were removed. Per about 5 pages in that forum if you called customer service after getting the phone within the first 30 days and said you were unsatisfied they would add unlimited text to your line.

I know this because I had to do the exact same thing on my 3rd line.

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  • SERO now requires Last 3 digits of employee ID (CID).
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On my 2nd line they called and stated that the savings sprintemi. Thats why I had to look up the now ex president and ceo's email addy. They had turned down my order until I provided a 'valid' email address which required a firstname. I would suggest using a valid email simply because this close to the end of the program as it currently is it would suck to have to reapply and be unable to get the current SERO plan.

It could be that they are actually trying to 'help' you by accepting the ID number in lieu of a valid sprint employee email address. Thanks MUCH! Search google for the employee email and I'd. I think the guy's name is russ mcguire or something, and the CID is He's the VP of operations or something or other, and he posted his info on a public forum as a back way to get in on the new everything plus plans.

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I actually think its posted over on WMexperts. Is anyone having issues with their BB on Sprint?

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Emailed the CEO. I could not get my UPS corporate discount assigned. I have a Palm product now Centro and am not wild about the thought of getting another pretty outdated phone. May 10, at pm. We Verizon Media and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness. August 10, at am.

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