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Breadcrumb Home. Visiting an inmate in Virginia. Anyone wishing to visit an inmate in Virginia must start by filling out an online visitors application.

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A visitor application expires 36 months after it is approved. Visitors should submit an updated application at least thirty days in advance of their old application expiring. Virginia inmate visitor applications take approximately 30 days to be processed but can take as long as 90 days for out of state visitors. The status of your application will be updated online and you can opt to receive notice of your application status by letter or e-mail.

All visitors must bring a valid photo identification with them, such as a driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport. The information on the ID such as the address and name must match the visitors application on file.

What Does Virginia’s Prison System Look Like?

Report changes in address immediately to the facility for your application to be updated. Visitors should always contact the facility prior to visiting to ensure that visitation has not been changed or canceled.

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Your car may also be searched once it is on the property of the institution, and the facility may utilize canines to aid in their search for contraband. Additional information you need to know when visiting inmates in Virginia: If you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will not be allowed to visit. Cell phones, pagers, recording devices, cameras, music devices and electronics of any kind are not allowed to enter into the visitation area.

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Further the WV Division of Corrections assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided. Due to issues relating to the conversion of existing data, the latest or most complete information may not always be available.

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The sentencing information herein contained is not intended for the purposes of reflecting the events of the underlying criminal action. Reference should be made to the records of any court having jurisdiction over the offender. Any person, agency or entity, public or private, who reuses, publishes or communicates the information available from this server shall be solely liable and responsible for any claim or cause of action based upon or alleging an improper or inaccurate disclosure arising from such reuse, re-publication or communication, including but not limited to actions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

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Search for an offender's location and release date if they are under the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Get in touch with the Virginia Department of Corrections.

This site is set-up for offenders that are under active supervision, in prison or on parole status only, with WVDOC. If you receive the following message, "No results found with specified criteria.

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