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Sprint Cell Phone Plans Review

Keep in mind that these prices will be roughly the same with any flagship phone. Here are your options:. The Unlimited plan also gives you 10 GB of mobile hotspot data per month.

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Many providers stream at p by default and require a higher-tier plan for HD. Okay, Sprint talks a big game about how cheap it is compared to other wireless providers. As you can tell, Sprint ends up being cheaper than most of the other carriers out there. Before you get too excited, remember that the cheap price comes at a cost: spotty service. You get more data for a much cheaper price. Sprint firmly positions itself on the more affordable end of the wireless spectrum. Heck, you can get unlimited data for your family plan for a more affordable price than some Verizon plans with limited data.

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Sprint prepaid plans are a little hazy right now. Those guys have some of the best prepaid deals out there. You get free texting and data use in most countries—although your speeds will only be around 2G. Still, free text and data overseas is a big perk. We personally tested out the international text and data feature in a few different parts of Japan. The only drawback is you have to sign up on your phone at hulu. Compared to the other three major mobile service providers, Sprint coverage and speed rank pretty low.

It generally comes in third or fourth. Sprint never comes in first for coverage 2,3 or speed 4,5 across the country. Studies almost always rank it third or fourth out of the four major providers.

Same number. Better network.

In the last few years, Sprint has improved its network, so it definitely works better in metro areas than it used to. Like most cell carriers, Sprint has some work to do when it comes to customer service. We got quick responses from Sprint via Twitter, and when we talked with one of its chat representatives, they gave us helpful answers about data throttling yes, it happens.

Our only complaint was that chat responses were a little slow. Hurry up, Brad! That said, experiences in actual Sprint stores can vary because Sprint stores are franchised.

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Does Sprint have overage charges or hidden fees? Sprint charges government taxes and a couple of surcharges on every monthly bill.

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If you want a cheap cell carrier with decent service—and you live in a metro or suburban area—then Sprint is a pretty good choice. Q: I already own a phone—can I still sign up for Sprint?

Q: Can you make international calls with Sprint? Exact rates depend on which country you want to call.

You can check plan prices here. Q: Can I keep my phone number? Yes, Sprint allows you to transfer your phone number over from another carrier. You just have to provide some information during the checkout process, like your address and your old account number. Q: Can I transfer my contacts to my new phone? Yes, you can use a cloud storage service like Google Contacts or iCloud to save your contact information in your current phone and download it onto your new device.

I just left Sprint after nearly two decades of loyalty. I have had the SAME experinece.

Sprint unlimited plans

Agent never told me the plan was for a limited time. There are many reasons to lookup a Sprint number. These reasons include:.

Port or transfer your personal number

Looking up a cell phone number who called or texted you is a good idea, especially if it happens to be someone you know. If it is, you need know who to call back whether it be your doctor, neighbor, or relative. Once you find this out, the best course of action is to block the spam number on your Sprint phone. Now, to the best part.

In the box, enter the Sprint phone number that you want to lookup and press the search icon. Just sit back and relax while Kiwi Searches looks up the Sprint phone number you entered. It will gather information from various public databases to find out who the number belongs to. This may include their name, current address, and more! That sums up exactly what a Sprint phone number lookup is and how to do one using Kiwi Searches!

Hopefully, this information will help you when trying to find out who a number belongs to. How Did They Accomplish This?

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