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Effective January 1, , every document that is submitted for recordation must show on the face of the document the amount of documentary transfer tax due. AB prohibits the recorder from recording any deed, instrument or writing subject to the documentary transfer tax unless a signed declaration of the amount of tax due appears on the face of the document for all to see.

Til Death Do Us Part: California’s New Transfer on Death Deeds

As we move into the last part of the year, parties preparing purchase and sale agreements for closings may want to adjust the form of deed attached as an exhibit to reflect the new requirements. We use cookies on this website to improve functionality, enhance performance, analyze website traffic and to enable social media features. Professionals Elinor Eizdi Kenneth S. It also held a 99 percent partnership interest in BA Realty.

Watch out for California transfer taxes in transactions involving real estate holdings

Initially, the administrative trust conveyed the Building by grant deed to the LLC. The net result of these transactions did not alter one central reality.

Rental Properties and Depreciation

Professional Registrations. The parties do not dispute that several subtrusts collectively owned BA Realty a partnership , which was the sole member of Ardmore a disregarded limited liability company that held title to an apartment building. Pollworker FAQs. What to Do Before an Election. During the 45 years since it was passed, extensive statutory changes governing the formation of legal entities and property taxation have arguably made the task of interpretation even more difficult. Box Norwalk, CA Explanation There are certain exemptions to the payment of the Documentary Transfer Tax.

When the Averbooks transferred the Building from themselves personally into the family trust, they retained a beneficial interest. The trust became the legal owner, but it was obligated to hold and manage the Building for their benefit.

Document Recording

Later, a different kind of transaction triggered imposition of the DTTA. As a result, Bruce and Allen each acquired a beneficial interest in the Building they had not held before.

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The later transfers were effectuated by written instruments, including six limited partner transfer and substitution agreements. The transaction did not involve the execution of a deed or other instrument transferring title to the Building. The agreements did not mention the Building or its location, nor were they recorded.


The Court pointed out that documentary transfer tax is not a fee paid in connection with the recordation of deeds or other documents evidencing transfers of ownership of real property, but rather is an excise tax on the privilege of conveying real property by means of a written instrument. As such, a written instrument conveying an interest in a legal entity that owns real property may be taxable under the DTTA, even if the instrument does not directly reference the real property and is not recorded.

Bid4Assets Los Angeles County Tax Sale Overview

The Court observed that the critical factor in determining whether the documentary transfer tax may be imposed is whether there was a sale that resulted in a transfer of beneficial ownership of real property. Thus, the imposition of a documentary transfer tax is permitted whenever a transfer of an interest in a legal entity results in a change in ownership of real property through a change in a legal entity results in a change of ownership of real property, so long as there is a written instrument reflecting a sale of the property for consideration.

What is Transfer Tax?

The County assesses a Documentary Transfer Tax on the consideration or value The following five cities have passed ordinances imposing additional rates of. Recording & Filing Fees. (Expand All) Other Special Recording Fees Recording Fee for Revocable Transfer on Death Deed . Norwalk, CA

In California, the seller traditionally pays the transfer tax. Depending on local market conditions, transfer taxes can become a negotiating point during closing. In a neutral market, the buyer and seller may decide to split the costs. Some states specify exemptions, such as a sale resulting from a divorce or death, a transfer from parent to child, gifts, and transfers between partners.

If you claim an exemption, you must submit written documentation proving the exemption at the time of recording. To calculate the amount of transfer tax you owe, simply use the following formula:.

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