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If your association does not have a master policy, you'll get homeowners insurance. When you purchase a home and a homeowners insurance policy, you should create an up-to-date home inventory to expedite a claim settlement if you ever need to make one. With a complete home inventory, your insurance company can verify property easier, which makes settling your claim easier.

Plus, you can easily verify losses for your income tax return with an updated home inventory. Start your home inventory by making a list of your possessions, describing each item, and noting the make and model and where each item was purchased. Include sales receipts, purchase contracts and appraisals if you have them, too.

Organize clothing into categories for easier reference. Canceling a homeowners insurance policy and choosing not to renew it are two very different actions an insurance company can take. Typically, insurance companies can only cancel an active policy if one or all of the following occurred:.

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Nonrenewing a homeowners insurance policy is a decision you or your insurance company can make to discontinue coverage at the end of a policy term. Depending on your state, if your insurance company chooses to nonrenew your policy at the end of the policy term, it must notify you and provide an explanation within a specified time period.

You can contact your company's consumer affairs division if you disagree with the reason or want further explanation. Although homeowners insurance policies differ in their actual structure, most contain the same basic components:. See more homeowners insurance terms. Not a Customer?

Track claim here. Insurance doesn't have to be complicated. Here you'll find easy explanations for all of your questions about coverages, pricing, and more. What factors can affect homeowners insurance premiums? The following factors can affect your homeowners insurance premium: Home Features and Characteristics — Your home's age, structure, wiring, type of roof , garage, etc. Older homes can often cost more to insure, and those costs can differ depending on whether your home is brick, frame, stone or has synthetic siding. Location — Where your home is located can change your homeowners insurance premium. For instance, your home insurance rate can be affected if your home is in close proximity to a fire station; is exposed to extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes; or is in a neighborhood more prone to theft. Protective Devices — Burglar alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and deadbolt locks can lower your homeowners insurance premium.

Personal Factors — What you do can affect your homeowners insurance premium, too.

For instance, smokers may pay more for home insurance than nonsmokers. A good credit history also can lower what you pay for home insurance. Claims History — If you have a history of claims on a homeowners insurance policy , you may pay a higher premium. Am I required to have homeowners insurance if I own a home? Why should I complete a home inventory? By Wendy Connick October 25, Choosing a home insurance policy is an essential part of protecting both your house and your family.

But because insurance companies will ask different questions and emphasize different variables for pricing purposes, the quotes you get on home insurance policies can cover a considerable range. But hitting a series of insurance company websites one by one to compare home insurance quotes can take hours and may not get you accurate results.

For one thing, the rates you find may not be based on the same coverage levels, making one policy look more or less expensive than it truly is. These sites let you instantly compare rates from multiple insurance providers, and the best ones provide accurate and personalized rates, insurance discounts, and coverage options all on one site. To provide an accurate list of options, these comparison sites ask you for necessary information such as your age, address, home size, and home value.

Such details allow the site to provide a realistic list of different rates, options, and insurers so that you can easily compare home insurance quotes. Home quote comparison websites present users with rates based on information submitted during the shopping experience. You can then decide which quote to pursue, and the data you entered is transferred to the agent or company website, greatly expediting the purchasing process.

Unlike true quote comparison sites, lead generation sites simply sell your information to their advertising partners—typically insurance companies. Insurance comparison websites can be further broken down into sites that provide real-time insurance quotes versus those that provide estimated ones.

Insurify is a free insurance comparison engine that provides real-time, accurate quotes from top insurance companies nationwide. The site offers a wide variety of insurance companies to choose from and an easy-to-use interface, and can effectively serve consumers in all segments of the market.

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To date, it has delivered over 4 million insurance quotes from top providers such as The General, MetLife, and Liberty Mutual. The questions were easy to answer, and the process was straightforward—I was able to submit my information and get personalized quotes in under five minutes.

With the right coverage for your needs.

Clicking on the button to the right of each quote brought up a pop-up window with options to apply for the homeowners policy online or call an agent from that company. Each quote included information about the company, such as the year it was founded and the services it offers. My ability to easily compare home insurance quotes allowed me to see how the policies differed: there were a few coverage areas that were a bit different between the two quotes, and seeing them side by side made it easy to pick those out.

I could also click back and forth between basic, standard, and premium tabs to quickly see the quotes for those coverage levels. Overall, this site provided a clean and easy-to-use interface with lots of information about my coverage and insurer options. In addition to home insurance quotes, Policygenius provides rates for life, health, and disability insurance among others , as well as blogs with information on these various types of insurance. The site also has an Insurance Checkup tool that asks basic questions and recommends which kinds of insurance users should have.

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The only thing it wanted to know about my house was whether it was a single-family home. There was no option to look at actual quotes or even choose policy options. These sites often draw visitors in with competitive rates, but then transfer you to a different site to continue shopping and complete your transaction, often at a far less attractive price. This is because lead generation sites are paid to sell your information to an agency, not to present you with the best rates on home insurance.

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You can sometimes get home insurance quotes on lead generation sites, but you should expect them to be far less reliable than quotes from true comparison sites. CoverHound is a free, online comparison tool that provides quotes for both business and personal insurance. The site also has a Learning Center with articles on insurance-related subjects. The site then wanted my contact information.

The text above the Get Quotes button informed me that by clicking the link, I was giving CoverHound permission to source data about my credit history and insurance claims history.

I appreciated getting actual quotes, but without the ability to adjust coverage details, the numbers were somewhat inapplicable. Apparently, Insurance. InsuranceQuotes is a free, online comparison tool that offers quoting processes for auto, life, health, homeowners, and other types of insurance. The site also has articles on insurance-related subjects and provides information on car insurance by state, including average rates.

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you live and your zip code. Here is a list of claim contact numbers: American General Property Insurance Company of Florida American. Contact list of Insurance Companies for Reporting Claims. Fax Number () G back to top Phone NY Office: () – property. Property .

Clicking the Get Quotes button required me to consent to a declaration that I would be called by up to eight insurance or partner companies, potentially including robocalls. It also informed me it had matched me with three insurance agents who would be contacting me shortly.