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Get a tailored radio station that only plays songs musically similar to "Eleanor Rigby" for free! It now plays an average of 25 minutes of content a day per user for over 90 Million Active Listeners. He stated it was a "choice made primarily because it was the shortest major at the university" which allowed Tim ample time to practice being a musician outside of his primary studies.

After graduation however, this choice presented itself to be a bit more problematic.

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It was during this period that Westergren gained the first of 2 pieces of knowledge he says were instrumental in founding Pandora. After leaving the life of a journeyman musician, Westergren attempted to break into the more sophisticated life being a Film Composer. Starting with small student films Westergren eventually landed a gig as a feature film composer.

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He had to determine the best musical fit for the film while playing to the musical taste of the director. Understanding their nuanced preferences and tastes.

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For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started adding friends on Pandora Radio yourself, take a look. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs, artists or genres into Pandora and let the Music Genome Project go. We like all kinds of music, from the most obtuse bebop, to the most tripped-out drum n bass, to the simplest catchy pop tune. Pandora and the Music Genome Project.

As with many great ideas, Tim was then struck with a lighting bolt of ideation that connected musicological profiles and undiscovered music: The similarities between known and unknown songs could become a kind of connective tissue in which users would serendipitously discover new music. Westergren felt he could create an entire taxonomy of musical attributes that could then be codified into a technological system.

Luckily for the world, Tim pitched the idea to his friend Jon Kraft who by then, had already founded and sold a company called the Stanford Technology Group. Kraft immediately recognized the opportunity to get some funding for the idea and they hacked together a business plan over the weekend. Just a few months later, in the middle the of the.

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With some seed capital in the bank, Westergren and Kraft went about the ambitious task of categorizing individual attributes for thousands of songs. Everything from instrumentation, voice, and melody to harmony, form, and rhythm. They hired 75 musicians to listen to dozens of songs each day and assign rankings for every single attribute with pen and paper. About a year later, they had identified and ranked minute musical details of over 10, songs in a massive excel spreadsheet.

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For instance, if you run out of skips on an artist station, make a station for one of that artist's tracks. Similarly, for more information on how to manage content stored with Flash Local Storage, please review this document provided by Adobe. Pandora and its partners use Beacons to help us better manage content on our Service. To conduct and support research and publication around the art and science of sound and music, and the connections they inspire, as well as other areas of technological advancement pertinent to our products and services. Tell us all about it in the comments. TheDancer November 3, at pm.

The first song they plugged into the spreadsheet? An early Bee Gees song; which much to the inital dismay of Westergren was matched with a Beatles song. Despite a personal bias against the Bee Gees, Westergren admitted the song chosen by the spreadsheet was musically a perfect match.

go here The project worked! Time to raise more funds and take the technology to the world. Or time to think again… Unfortunately, it was and finding funding especially funding for music in the midst of the Napster shut down was impossible.

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