How to find high school classmates

Alumni Search: How to Find Old Classmates for Class Reunions

Type the name into Facebook's "Search" box and click "People" on the left side of your results.

Click "Education" from the drop-down menu, type in the name of your school and click "Filter. Search for friends on your school's "Like" page. Type the name of your school into Facebook's "Search" box and click "Enter. Browse through the list of others who "Like" the page to see is friends of your are among them. Looking to create a class reunion website? Here are essential tips for creating a class reunion website.

Use Your Network Facebook is a great way to connect but it is not the only way to network. Call or email your friends, family members of former classmates, and friends of friends to help locate people. Just reaching out and calling people, putting up flyers at the local mall, or church will yield tremendous PR and exposure for the class reunion. Another great place to find some additional people is by sharing the missing classmates list with class reunion planners from other graduating classes.

You may find friends and siblings that can help you get in touch. It lists a lot of professionals and you can find people relatively quickly just by doing a simple search on their website.

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There's nothing more exciting then hooking up with your former high school BFF ( Best Friend Forever) through a free search for old classmates. With the. Join for Free! Reconnect with high school friends, browse the biggest database of online yearbooks and/or plan high school reunions.

Alternately, just Google the following term [ Name of classmate site:linkedin. This search will return all the people with that exact name that are on Linkedin. A Google Search, by the way, is another great resource for locating people. By doing a simple name search on Google, you may be able to find where someone works, or hangs out. While it may seem kind of creepy to do things this way, it works.

Public Service Announcements Many local newspapers and radio stations will provide free space Airtime for you to announce a class reunion.

In the reunion planning meetings, make it known that the number one priority in the initial stages in finding classmates. While the classmates search committee is ultimately responsible for finding them, the entire planning committee and volunteers should be doing everything they can to spread the word.

Encourage people to go on their Facebook accounts, classmates. Every member of the reunion planning committee should consider it their first mission.

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They should also understand that the success or failure in finding classmates will ultimately reflect on the actual class reunion. Turn your classmate finding into a competition. Announce that the person who helps find the most classmates will go to the class reunion for free. Maintain a leader board that lists who has found the most classmates every month on the class reunion website to keep people motivated. Doing this will add dozens of classmate finding volunteers at no cost. As people register to attend the class reunion, send them a list of missing classmates along with the confirmation.

Ask then to share any information they may have including where they may currently live, what company they worked for etc.

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Any information they can provide will lead to another avenue that can be explored. Reconnecting former best friends and even rivals is all part of the fun of having one. Download our free class reunion planning guide and learn how to save thousands.

Find Your High School Alumni and Class Reunion!

Get it now. I had to put aside several days just to get the "hotel project" done.

Alumni Search for Class Reunions

You can also select some offbeat unique content that people will find interesting and entertaining. Subscribe to the selected newsletters. Will your high school reunion be contemporary and colorful, or sophisticated and formal? When evaluating your venue, bring a checklist of questions to ask the manager. School Yearbooks Collection which contains elementary school, junior high school, high school, and college and university yearbooks from across the United States. Post Guess Who photos where alumni have to browse the site to locate the answers.

The problem has always been that hotels don't always in a timely manner. Many would just take my request for rooms, and then I would hear nothing.

Classmates dropped the Memory Lane brand in United Online , Inc. Classmates Media operated online social networking and loyalty marketing services under the Classmates. Classmates Media also operated the following international sites designed to enable users to connect with old friends:. Classmates Media Corporation's business model is based on user-generated content and revenue from paid subscriptions and advertising sales. The only time Classmates appeared on Hitwise's top 10 list of social networking websites was June , when it appeared tenth with 0. In early , Nielsen Online had ranked Classmates as number three in unique monthly visitors U.

In , television program The View mentioned Classmates. Market Spending Report, Classmates. As more users have moved to Facebook , the site has fallen in popularity. However, its habit of continuously charging customers with small fees prevented it from reaching the scale and popularity of later social sites.

My High School Classmates’ Obituaries Taught Me to Love Them

As of the year the company turned 20 , Classmates had over 70 million current members. Member privacy is protected through a double-blind email system, so email addresses and contact information are never revealed unless self-disclosed by members one-on-one. Classmates offers a membership comparison here. The Classmates website has an online archive of over , yearbooks, accessible with a free Classmates membership.