Texas divorce and witness of adultery

How Will My Adulterous Spouse Impact Child Custody?

Although adultery is one of the ultimate betrayals in marriage, it doesn't entitle you to as much as you think when it comes to a divorce settlement. You may believe that you should receive as much as you would like due to the infidelity, but the truth is that you will not be able to get as much as you might think is fair. Adultery has no effect on child custody.

Learn whether an extramarital affair can impact spousal support in Texas.

If you live in a "no fault" divorce state, you do not need proof of adultery since these states don't require a reason for divorce other than the fact that the couple is no longer living as husband and wife. While adultery doesn't have much impact on settlements, it does have some influence on property settlement and alimony.

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If the spouse who had the affair spent a large sum of money on the other person, the betrayed spouse may be entitled to compensation. In some states, just because your spouse has cheated on you doesn't mean that you have grounds for divorce. If you don't live in a "no fault" divorce state, you will have to provide proof of the adultery before the courts will consider it.

How to use adultery as the reason for a divorce

A Texas divorce may be granted in favor of one spouse if the other committed adultery. Adultery occurs when one spouse has voluntary sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse. Adultery may occur after separation. Suggestion and innuendo are insufficient to support a finding of adultery, but the finding can be based on circumstantial evidence.

One recent case addressed sufficiency of evidence for a finding of adultery. The couple married in in India and had a daughter in the following year. The husband moved to the U.

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In , however, the wife and daughter moved back to India. The wife testified that she had not stayed in India voluntarily, but she had to remain because her husband canceled her plane ticket and her visa. The husband agreed to help the daughter come back to the U.

enter The husband filed for divorce in While it could not be said that the opinion stikes down the adultery statues per se, it makes clear that it considers statutes criminalizing private, consensual, sexual intercourse irrelevant for the purpose of civil litigation. Whether Virginia appellate courts would concur with the analysis in Thong remains to be seen. Because our appellate courts have not addressed the issue directly, the criminal adultery statute, whether regularly prosecuted, has an undeniable impact on the practice of family law.

Defendants in divorce cases based on an adultery claim regularly assert their Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

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See Goldman v. Goldman , No. Given the clear and convincing standard by which a party must prove adultery, the Fifth Amendment creates a solid blockade to the use of adultery as a factor in support or as a negative non-monetary contribution to the marriage in equitable distribution. Strongly suspicious circumstances are insufficient.

Colbow , S.

Painter , S. Helbert , No.

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Seeman , S. Watts , S. App at quoting Hughes , S.

In that respect, difficulty arises for the attorney of the plaintiff when the accused arises for the attorney of the plaintiff when the accused spouse invokes the Fifth Amendment: Clearly, no credible explanation can be offered if the accused spouse provides no response to the relevant questions, and the refusal to answer cannot be used to create a negative inference. Without the ability to require a spouse to admit or deny, under oath, an allegation of adultery, litigation necessarily becomes more expensive, involving the use of private investigators and compilation of as much circumstantial evidence as possible.

Property Questions

The Answer has never been specifically addressed in a reported Virginia case, although an unreported decision of Hall v. Site Map. But how? Anti-sodomy laws originally served to punish people for engaging in sexual behavior for the sake of pleasure only, that is, sexual behavior that does not lead to the potential conception of a child. They also point out that marital rape did not become illegal in all 50 of the United States until Woolley, This summer, Carroll came forward to say that Trump, in the mids, had assaulted her in a dressing room at a department store in New York City, pinning her against the wall and forcibly penetrating her with his penis.

Granted, repeal of the adultery statute and the consequent unavailability of the Fifth Amendment protection assumes that a guilty spouse would give truthful testimony, but at least timely requests for admission could illuminate whether or not the issue would require extensive discovery and depositions to prepare for trial. Absent the Fifth Amendment protection, perhaps an adulterous spouse would be wise to simply stipulate to the adultery, remove proof of the transgression from the disputed issues, and avoid hours of detailed testimony about his or her transgressions.

Family law practitioners can attest that the offense is fairly widespread but very rarely prosecuted.

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