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Searchers located the remains of the ship 5, meters 18, feet below the sea, according to billionaire Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen , who led the expedition. The Indianapolis sank on July 30, , just 12 minutes after being hit with torpedoes fired by a Japanese submarine. There were nearly 1, sailors on board , and about died when the ship went down.

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Unable to secure life rafts, survivors were left adrift in the shark-infested Philippine Sea. Dehydration, starvation, and salt poisoning were responsible for hundreds more deaths. Oceanic white-tip sharks and tiger sharks also attacked the vulnerable men. The Navy failed to notice the Indianapolis was overdue at its next port of call; it never dispatched a search party.

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Only crew survived, rescued after a passing plane spotted them. Since , the survivors have been meeting for reunions in Indianapolis. At the 70th anniversary of the sinking two years ago, 14 of the 31 remaining survivors gathered. Read more about the recollections of the warship's last survivors. Records on navy members from the years between and might available from the Deutsche Dienststelle as detailed above. Armeekorps im Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe jetzt online. You choose the relevant time period for the personnel rosters and search them by unit not indexed.

Please see my general hints above. What to do if your ancestor fought in the Prussian army? During the war the army announced deaths, injuries, missing soldiers and prisoners of war in the so-called Verlustlisten.

Online World War I Service Databases

These lists were on public display. They contain names, places of births and complete or incomplete just day and month birth dates.


Our team of experts can:. Find an omission or error? All you have to do for this is: Go to the eBay home page, type in the surname you are searching for Choose the correct categories. In our collection of WWII military records, Ancestry has more than 15 million names and 11 million images from documents created during and around WWII, roughly — Browse the intelligence reports in WO and the maps and plans in WO 78 by place.

List of abbreviations with translations for different types of injuries and deaths. You can search the indexed records using this search mask. A list of Prussian soldiers missed in action was also indexed. These lists are sorted by unit and contain information on those to be contacted mostly family members as well. There are a lot of publications on units from WWI, written by veterans.

Three ways to find your ancestors’ World War I medals

These books often give a detailed insight on routes and military action and sometimes also contain photos and listings. For officers, other compiled lists exists, e. Worldcat entry.

World War I Battlefields 100 Years Later - WW1 Great War

This book contains an alphabetical list of surnames of fallen officers naming the last unit, date and place of death. This book was indexed as well.

Their database of cemeteries contains information like date and place of death. It contains also information on soldiers missed in action or death soldiers not buried on known cemeteries.

Contacting the Volksbund on one of their database entries can be useful. Often they have additional information like the original burial place or the last known military unit of the war victim in their repositories. Their help is free of charge, please consider a donation. A widely overlooked source on dead combatants are local death registers in the place of last residence.

A copy can be requested from the local Standesamt register office or from the communal archive the registers can be transferred from the register office to the archive after a certain period of time, just ask the register office who holds the documents. Fees apply. The private project Denkmalprojekt. The so-called Krankenbuchlager was a collection of documents especially used for veterans services and other social services.

It contained a large number of records from military hospitals from both wars, but only a small fraction of all these documents ever created. According to the Bundesverwaltungsamt , e. The Krankenbuchlager stopped providing information for private matters in and was closed in The remaining documents a significant number of them were destroyed in recent decades — mostly resources on World War II, but also on World War I — were transferred to Deutsche Dienststelle.

It is unknown to me to which extend these resources are used to answer requests and what WWI material is available to them. I update this page regularly Although, the information and pointers remain a work in progress, I hope you will find the information useful.

Thank you for your interest in this question. View more information on access to original records.

Uncovering Your World War I Ancestors

For assistance on the Discovering Anzacs website, use the ' help ' tab. To view a World War I service record in the National Archives Research Centre in Canberra, please submit a request to view records before you visit the research centre. Requests can take up to five business days to process.

For more information, visit one of our research centres or ask us a question. Service records, particularly those of the World War I Australian Imperial Force, may include reference to service medals.