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Continue to develop skills that are necessary for the gigs you want. Petersburg, FL. It may feel more productive to just hop right to it. You can search for jobs by category, payment type hourly or fixed price , location, and more. Child abuse - advice and support Advice for people affected by child abuse. There is no need to reapply. There is no cap on the age for employment.

Here are a few of the most common social networks:. Facebook encourages users to add their employment information, and LinkedIn focuses on professional connections, which means users are also likely to add their employer.

Log in to your account. Adjust the search filters if necessary to narrow down the results. You could try filtering users by location or through another method. Some users set up their accounts so that only their connections can see their employment history.

This is a good idea if you want to browse discretely. If they have a unique name, you can try searching for just that.

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Get creative with your search terms and use all the information you have on the person. For example, if you know they went to a certain school or belong to a specific organization, including those to improve your search results. There are quite a few people search websites out there that pull up a variety of accounts and public records related to a person.

They wouldn't submit to an interview for the story that I did; they did send me a statement.

How to Look Up Someone's Employment Status

They will say that The Work Number is designed specifically so that employers can know whether or not someone has a job or whether or not someone had a job in the past. But as I am digging through various brochures and marketing materials, I found that some of the data that is in The Work Number database is resold by Equifax and it's marketed heavily to debt collectors, for example.

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So one of the ways a debt collector can track where someone is, when they want to find where the person who owes them money is, they can call Equifax and say, "Is this person working here or there? They also resell it to other financial services companies, so for example, if you are a mortgage company and one of your consumers who has a mortgage with you loses their job and suddenly doesn't have their income, Equifax will tell the mortgage company, "Here's a heads up so you can proactively manage risk.

Before You Apply

So your mortgage company, when you lose your job, will find out before you even tell them -- and before you even miss a payment. And they also can use this the other way. They can use this to market new products and financial products to someone who's gotten a raise or otherwise their income has increased.

So Equifax was quite clear to me that they do not give specific salary information to debt collectors. We're trying to collect from him.

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How To Easily Find Out Where Someone Works Like A Private Eye Think of TruthFinder white pages as a people directory that provides a. We discuss how to find out where someone works by their name or phone number. When looking into the legitimacy of these people, you should search where.

Gerri: What kinds of protections are there for consumers? Obviously, this is sensitive important information just like your credit report. Bob: Yes, this is very sensitive information and in fact it's my assertion in the story that salary information -- even in the time when we seem to share everything on Facebook and where we've become sort of immune to how much companies know about us -- salary is very sensitive.


No one would send out in a tweet or post on Facebook how much money they make. So this whole database is a big surprise to almost everyone. You do have some protections, in fact. The Work Number is considered a credit report, so just like with your credit report, you can request an annual disclosure from Equifax for free. Just go to TheWorkNumber.

How to Trace a Social Security Number to an Employer

It is not as easy as getting your annual credit report, however it works very similarly. And then you can see what they have on you, which I really recommend because it's quite striking. I saw one of this person profiled in my story and it was 22 pages, week by week for almost 10 years, of how much this woman had earned from various companies including overtime and all of that. So you can see what they have on you. Then, of course, when you see a mistake, which can be important, you can have it corrected. There are plenty of stories of folks that use The Work Number to verify their employment and then find out that maybe their information was entered at their job at one level and they got a raise, and got a new title, but that hadn't been updated.

And that might hurt them in future employment prospects. You can try to fix the errors, just like a credit report, but you do not have control over who has used the information. Just like with credit reports, basically any creditor you've ever worked with, any credit card you've applied for, any bank you've worked with, they all have access to this data because somewhere in the agreement you have with them you granted it.

You can also listen to the entire interview with him online or on Tunes. This article originally appeared on Credit. Gerri Detweiler is Credit. What Happens to Your Unpaid Debt.