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I lost my cell phone and can’t remember which company provides my service. How can I figure it out?

Although it started with humble beginnings, Cricket Wireless is now a key player among low-cost, no-contract mobile providers. Since there is no commitment, you can try US Mobile without a large financial risk.

Virgin Mobile is another discount provider with a wide range of pay-as-you-go plans available for cost-conscious consumers. All Virgin Mobile plans are also contract-free, which means you can switch between plans or shop around for another provider at any time. Better yet, you can usually bring your own phone. Boost Mobile is another low-cost provider offering no contract plans that operate on the Sprint network. Free phones are offered with some monthly plan options, however. In addition to cell phones, Straight Talk also offers mobile hot spots and discount home phones.

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Before you dive right in, however, you should take a closer look at your phone and data habits. Here are a few steps that can help you determine the best plan without stripping you of the actual coverage you need:. Before signing up for a new plan, you should break out your old phone statements to see how much phone use you should plan for. Before you choose a plan with skimpier coverage, less data, and fewer minutes, ask yourself if scaling down your phone use is really feasible. If you wind up switching plans and continue using your phone as much as you did or more, you could end up saving a lot less than you think.

While this expense may be a good one, you should shop around to determine which new devices you can use and how much they cost. Phill Pafford Phill Pafford I've been using Twilio, they work pretty well. Does twillio have APIs to determine the carrier given a phone number? But Kenny replied that he has used Twilio for the purpose so I was wondering if I missed something. The only thing provider I have seen is data After reading a little more I did see this: illuminatikarate. This works for the onsie-twosie use case, but email services i. TravisO TravisO 8, 3 3 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges.

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There are many applications like than on the market. We show an average rating based on the total number of comments provided, along with coverage maps from the carrier's themselves, and tower information from the FCC. Please keep in mind that cell phone service is incredibly variable, depending heavily on landscape, carrier technology, phone model, service provider, tower locations, etc. Together, those factors can add up to great savings. I've been using Twilio, they work pretty well. With just a few clicks you can access the GEICO Insurance Agency partner your boat insurance policy is with to find your policy service options and contact information. Of course, No, some kind of websites just use public databases and mix things together to give inaccurate and even completely wrong details about the person.

There are services available that can take ported numbers into account and provide the correct carrier even if a number has been ported. Services that query the phone network directly can determine the correct carrier even if a phone number has been ported that same day.

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Trey Brister Trey Brister 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. I tried this on my own number. I switched carriers about 6 months ago. This site is still showing my old carrier. Seems like they only know the original carrier of the number i. I switch my carrier 10 years ago I don't think they are actually doing a lookup on the phone number.

Instead they appear to just look at the area code and exchange to see which company it was originally assigned to. Is whocalled. They aren't any better. Still old data. I recently wrote one in Ruby that interfaces with the aforementioned FoneFinder. They don't handle ports. I went direct to their site and entered my cell, which I changed providers for over a decade ago. They still show the original carrier.

Looking to understand which API is best for a certain task? If you don't mind picking up the phone then you may well get a better deal than you expected. Be very clear about exactly how much data you need and which cell phone you desire otherwise you might end up paying more than you wanted to. Limited data options currently come in 1, 3 and 9GB a month at full speed. Once that runs out your data gets slowed down, rather than stopped entirely. Unused data in one month gets rolled over to the next month.

Its prices are lower, and it has more plan options than T-Mobile. Music Unlimited lets you stream music from over 40 services, including Pandora and Spotify, without deducting from your data allotment. It can also help you stay under the unlimited plans' 35GB high-speed data threshold. However, its unlimited plans have a max video streaming resolution of p.

DVD-quality streaming is fine and consumes less data than HD streaming, but it would be nice to have the higher-quality option, especially since phone screens now support high resolutions. US Mobile is an MVNO that lets you customize nearly every aspect of your plan, from the network down to the amount of talk, text and data. It uses Verizon and T-Mobile networks, two of the best and fastest networks in the U.

These networks span both types of cellular technologies used in the U. This approach can save usage-conscious customers a lot of money compared to an unlimited everything plan from a Big Four cell phone company. You can also always add minutes, texts or data onto your account, should your needs change. It allows you to stay in touch via voice calls and text without paying extra for data service you don't want.

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The talk-and-text plan, which offers unlimited minutes and texts but no data access, is the cheapest option. So, for example, a family of four could add two lines of Unlimited Extra, a line with 5GB of high-speed data and a talk-and-text line.

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Cricket is generally a good value, with prices on a par with those of other carrier-owned prepaid services and much lower than the prices of similar plans on its parent network. The carrier often features new-customer promotions, such as discounted or free smartphones when you switch from another carrier. The Unlimited plan caps download speeds at 3 Mbps, while all other plans cap download speeds at 8 Mbps, up to the data allotment. But overall, Cricket is one of the best choices for plans with little or no data access.

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Our goal is to help you find the best cell phone plan for the least amount of money. We spoke with Doug King from RootMetrics and representatives from three of the Big Four mobile networks, including Allan Samson, the senior vice president of customer acquisition for Sprint. We started with a list of 45 companies and quickly narrowed it to 15 services based on the availability of unlimited data plans. We performed in-depth research into these 15 companies, judging their networks, plans and extras. Price is also an important factor.

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We compared plan prices for individuals and families and considered what you get for that price, noting things like high-speed data threshold and hotspot allowance. Finally, we looked at smaller things like the selection of phones you can buy from the provider, whether it lets you add a tablet or wearable to your plan, and how many lines you can add on a single plan. Here are some key considerations to make to help you choose the right cell phone provider for your individual needs Cell phone plan prices vary depending on the amount of data and number of lines you add.

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Free Carrier information for any phone number. Plus email-to-SMS gateway addresses for USA/Canadian cell phones. Number portability aware; powered by . Enter A 10 Digit US Cell Phone Number Below & Hit The Lookup Button. () -. Lookup Carrier Now. Purchase Cellphone Look Up Credits. Our system is setup to.

In many cases, however, family unlimited plans are a better value, as many carriers offer discounts for multiple lines. Cellular are the only providers that operate their own networks. These excluding U. Cellular, which is a regional provider are known as the Big Four. All other cell phone providers in the U. Big Four companies are more expensive but usually include more features and extras in their plans.

gestkilmama.tk MVNOs tend to be prepaid services that cater to budget shoppers, offering cheaper plans and device options than the Big Four. Big Four direct customers get priority when networks are congested, whereas MVNO customers may see slower speeds. Though Verizon Wireless has the best-performing network across the U.

When you shop for a new plan, you should first check which carriers perform well in your area.