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Most dealers automatically assume you're trading a car. So stick to your guns, stay in control, and don't bring it up your trade until you're ready.

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Always look at the car buying process and the trade in process as two separate transactions. This will make it harder for a dealer to attempt to rip you off on your trade. Once you've told the dealer you have a trade. They will begin to ask you questions, trying to gather as much information as possible.

Autocheck vs. Carfax…Who Wins the Vehicle History Report War?

Take a minute to read my used car trade in tips to know how to correctly answer those questions asked of you. In some dealerships they may ask you to come out to your trade with them so they can see the vehicle and some may just ask for the keys. Once you hand over the keys to your vehicle he will gather a little information from the vehicle and then take them to someone, normally the used car manager, to have you trade-in appraised. In this section I'll explain to you what happens during the time you turn your car over to the dealer to the time the salesperson presents the numbers they've calculated as the value of your trade.

Dealers like to find out if you have a trade early in the car buying process. Most dealerships have one or two designated people that value all the used cars coming in on trade. The timing of the process may be little different, but the actual appraisal process is basically the same amongst all dealerships. There are four important steps to getting your car appraised by a dealership, I've broke down the entire process below.

It begins with handing your keys over to the salesman and ends with the dealer presenting you the value of your trade. When you tell a salesperson you have a trade-in, he or she will ask for your keys so they can retrieve some information from your vehicle.


Curtis Winn - Sims Honda - I have been buying units from the AuctionLink sale now for over 6 months and have been consistently getting clean units, that I can't buy anywhere else, for back of MMR price every week. A private party will probably allow you to do this without much resistance. Although none of the top used car buying guides is perfect, when taken together — along with additional information gained from other websites — they can provide reasonably reliable and accurate information for your used car transaction. As of this writing, Carfax did not offer any similar service. That includes different government agencies, insurance companies, car dealerships, car makers, rental agencies, credit unions, banks, and more. If you're looking for a certain make or type of car, you may have success shopping at a specialty used-car lot.

When turning your car over to the salesperson, always give them a spare set of keys. If you don't have a spare, take your car key off your key chain before handing them over. Good salespeople will use certain sales techniques when inquiring information about your trade. They may even ask you to come out to your car with them to help, "sell your car to their manager. They may even ask you a few questions like, "how many miles on your tires," or "has the vehicle ever been wrecked, repaired or flood damaged?

AutoCheck vs Carfax – Where Each One Excels

A salesperson or manager will walk around your trade-in and touch or point out every little dent, crack, worn tire, scratch or imperfection, and not say a word. They may nod or scratch their head, looking concerned, to let you know they have found a discrepancy. Don't worry, this is all a part of the silent walk around.

All they're attempting to do is mentally devalue your car in front of you so think it's not worth as much as it really is. When a salesman does a silent walk around, most customers will start making up excuses right away about every little door ding. Don't let them get in your head, if you start making up excuses you're letting them win.

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Only speak if they ask you a question. Don't worry about every little thing he touches or sees, it's all just an act. Read my section for tips and tricks on how to get the most money for your trade-in. Most of the time it's the used car manager that appraises all of the trades, he'll go through a mental checklist, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle. His overall goal is to find discrepancies to help lower the value of your trade.

If he's good at what he does he will walk around the entire car to get an overall view of the body and paint condition of the vehicle, also checking the tires for tread wear. He'll then check the currency of your tags, inspection, registration, he'll inspect the windshield and all the glass for any cracks, chips or blemishes. He will check the fluids, open all the doors, hood and trunk.

Consumers like it, but some dealers chafe

He'll look inside the vehicle for cleanliness, he will make sure every button and switch works. He'll then scan the vehicle identification number VIN with his smart phone and check it's history with a company such as AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports to make sure the vehicle's title history comes back clean. Most of these smart phone programs will also tell the appraiser about the current used car market and some average current values on the vehicle he's appraising.

Buying and Selling

As the appraiser goes through his inspection of your car he's looking for certain "red flags" like paint lines, wrench marks on nuts and bolts, sputtering engine, misaligned carpet, low fluids, etc. If he finds one of these "red flags," he will look a little deeper into the area to see if he can find anything else he can use to devalue the vehicle.

Laser Appraiser Introduction

When buying a used car, it's important to know that car's history. If you don't run a vehicle history report for the vehicle, you won't know if an accident has been. NADA Guides is the leader in accurate vehicle pricing and vehicle An AutoCheck Vehicle History Report is essential when shopping for a used vehicle. Check.

He will then take your car on a test drive. Total Loss Vehicle Valuation Software Total loss valuation system that generates fair, market-driven values for loss vehicles. The results are: Fair-market, data-driven vehicle valuations Reduced settlement time Improved customer satisfaction A Simplified Process for Comprehensive Valuations Total Loss is a one-stop workflow tool for comprehensive valuations, vehicle history, fraud detection, and guidebook calculations, salvage dispositions, and settlement tracking.

Output Valuation Report Calculate total loss vehicle market value Produce vehicle valuation report detailing valuation and comparable vehicles. Search Our Job Openings Now! Collision Repair Shop Solutions.

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Physical Damage Claims Management. First Notice of Loss. Total Loss. Consumer Self Service. Mitchell Diagnostics.

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He says the company advertises its product to consumers and engages in sponsorships on third-party sites such as kbb. Nemtuda says shoppers who may not be familiar with AutoCheck understand what a vehicle report is and are familiar with Experian as a company that provides analytics, data and scoring.

Get a Vehicle History Report before you buy any used vehicle.

Carfax and Experian have tangled in court more than once. The two companies are currently locked in a legal fistfight. At issue: Did Carfax defame Experian in a letter intended to dissuade Subaru of America from signing up with Experian for AutoCheck vehicle history reports?

In July, a U. District Court judge in Chicago dismissed some of Experian's defamation claims against Carfax.