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There's a lot of downtime," said Holli. You'll see them in the evening trying to do yoga There are people who just sleep all the time, people who write, people who are sewing or crocheting. There are TV rooms that Felicity will have access to, but Holli explained that she'll have to take a plastic chair from her cubicle and a radio headset in order to be able to hear the programs.

Conrad Hilton sentenced in grand theft auto case

There's also about four decrepit computers which they can use for communication like email. Sleep will be the toughest part, Holli said. Guards come in at midnight, 3am, and 5am, jangling their keys and flashing their torches making sure they can see everyone's faces and that they're sleeping in the right direction.

But despite Felicity only being given a 14 day sentence, she won't be getting any special treatment.

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She is going to suffer that indignity, she already will have," said Holli. John Fuller spent time in prison for forgery and conspiracy to distribute cocaine before turning his experience into a business. Nowadays he's a "prison coach" and spends his days preparing white collar, celebrity and sporting criminals for jail. Martha Stewart was one of his clients, as was Lamar Odom's family.

If you're an African American person from the average neighbourhood, prison is a rite of passage," John told The Quicky. So certain things are passed down because that's your culture.

The clientele that I face is totally different - they know prisons exist, but they never planned on entering," he explained. It's unclear if Felicity used the services of someone like John, but as he explained to The Quicky , status doesn't really matter inside prison.

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Can his medication come with him? Can his wedding ring come? How soon can he get visits? How soon can he call?

Paris Hilton records song about jail stay

Once they're in their prison issued jumpsuit, they're on their own, and Holli said that Felicity's celebrity status will no doubt attract attention. After all, it might be low security but there are still women doing up to 10 years at these facilities. Then they'll be the starstruck people who will reach out to her. Leave a comment.

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As Paris Hilton prepares for jail, she has been photographed holding best-selling Zen Buddhist text The Power of Now. Will she achieve a state. She has announced a four-book summer reading list that she feels is - Now that she is out of jail, Paris Hilton, the celebrity socialite and.

So, what is prison really like for a celebrity? The past and the future are creations of thought; only the present moment is real. Knowing this frees you from much pointless suffering.

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  • The Zen Buddhist text on Paris Hilton's reading list.

The Power of Now, in short, is standard Buddhism, with a dash of mysticism and a sprinkling of references to Jesus added for flavour. So Richard Dawkins wouldn't approve. But for the celebrity in search of spirituality, it's a choice several million times more level-headed than, say, Scientology, or Madonna's version of Kabbalah. Anyway, think about it: Buddhists, as is well known, seek the state of "no-mind"; Hilton, being an airhead, may already be halfway there.

Actress will go to jail on June 5 for violating her probation

Paris Hilton: a celebrity in search of spirituality? Topics Books Books blog.

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